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frequently asked questions

Factory mounting points

A factory mounting point is an element of the camper chassis frame. It is a point to which the tow hook frame is to be fixed. As we are able to use this point, we do not have to interfere with the overall chassis structure, e.g. by drilling any additionally openings, etc.

A universal “Sawiko” system

Some camper models are provided with “Sawiko” factory structures for the assembly of our tow hooks. Thanks to such systems, assembly of tow hooks has never been easier!

Przygotowanie do montażu SAWIKO

Length of the campervan garage

Length of the campervan garage (chassis extension) is the length from the support shown in the picture to the end of the body (vehicle edges). 

From To

Type of the frame end

No frame end (Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer)

No frame end (Ford Transit))

SAWIKO tow hook pre-assembly bar

Variant with a grey water tank at the end of the frame.

AL-KO frame

ECE approval

Any type of a tow hook must positively pass a wide range of tests to be approved for market sales.

A Fatigue Strength Test is a basic test for a hook. Only positive completion of tests will qualify a given product for an ‘e’ or ‘E’ marked approval certificate.

Letter ‘e’ or ‘E’ is the first symbol designating the approval. ‘e’ type approval is issued based on the EU Directive, whereas ‘E’ type approval - on the UN-ECE Regulation. E and e approvals are equivalents.

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